About Us

Driven. Compassionate. Dedicated.

Those are the three words that clearly defines Kind And Caring Home Health Agency, LLC. Ever since we were borne out of our founders’ minds, we have been thoroughly driven to provide you with the services that you need. We believe that an ounce of help can mean an avalanche of support for the people who need it. We believe that if we can provide you with the services that you need, then our community can be a better place for families to live in.

We understand the trials and difficulties that you are currently carrying on your shoulders. It would certainly delight our hearts if we can help lighten the burden with the services that we offer. Our trained nurses, physicians and home health aides will prove to be helpful in your cause to guide and protect the ones you love. Our services as well are well-crafted; patterned after traditional methods but with modern technology incorporated.

We are truly dedicated to be the hand of help that you need during these trying times. We are Kind And Caring Home Health Agency, LLC and we are here to help you. Tell us how by calling 571-970-6039.

Contact Information

Icon101 South Whiting St., Suite 209
Alexandria, Virginia 22304

IconPhone: 571-970-6039
Fax:     571-312-1916

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